A new tale of lust and BBC, this young lady is Dutch and this is her first time BBC story. I think of you’re a black man in the Netherlands you’ll do fine with the ladies. ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○

A new tale of lust and BBC, this young lady is Dutch and this is her first time BBC story. I think of you’re a black man in the Netherlands you’ll do fine with the ladies. ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○ A new tale of lust and BBC, this young lady is Dutch and this is her first time BBC story. I think of you’re a black man in the Netherlands you’ll do fine with the ladies. ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○ Your blog and others on here  inspired me to go for a black cock. I always dated white and I regret waiting so long. I always thougt people were overselling black dick, but really it was better than anything in the world. I just found out, they are confident. They just know with there instinct how to push the limits.    I come from a part of the Netherlands where i think 97% of the people are Christians and white, a lil bit racist too. When i was 15 I got my first white cock. The sex was always 4-5 of inches  and 10 minutes maximum and I think I only orgasmed 2 times in the 50 times i had sex. I never was into porn or anything but when I was 17 a girl from my highschool had her sextape leaked, giving a bj to a black guy. His dick made me finger myself so hard. It was big with veins and a big purple head on it. Still I dont like porn. Not the traditional 10 minute or longer videos. So eventually I found Tumblr and I liked it’s  rich collection of black cock pictures and small movies. I liked it but I couldnt function anymore, every free second I was watching black cocks online. I dumped my white boyfriend as I was repelled.    So 3 weeks ago, i was going out and there is this new black bouncer at a local bar, It’s hard to find black cock here as its seen as a bad thing for a girl like me. Handsome, older and with big muscles. So I flirted a bit but it was to busy and I was to sober, I gave up. Then last week saturday. I was there again and he was there too. This time  I downed 6 shots of tequila and i went full on flirting and we talked and I kept drinking. And he had a 30 minute break and asked if i wanted to go to the back with him to smoke. So we went and sit in the car but never lighted up a cigarette.   The only problem was it was too tight In the car to fuck. He’s a big guy, he’s a bouncer. He was maybe 7-8 inches but mostly He was super thick, nothing like my exe boyfriends. After 5 minutes of failing to push it inside me he finally made me suck it and give him a handjob until he came. It was a  really awkward positon as he was in the drivers seat and I was bendlt over the passengers seat with the brake  poking up against my tits. Irsmelled all manly and his whole dick was wet from trying to get in my pussy.  My hand couldnt get around it, I started jerking and kissing his black dick and licking his shaft. At first I think I  could  only get about 3 inches but he pushed my head down and I think I got about 6 inches down as I gagged and chocked all the way. He kept my head down while shooting his load and it was too much to swallow, I stayed down and licked it all up.  The load was reward enough, I’ve never seen anything like it except in videos. I added him on Facebook and he went back to work. I went home and fingered myself all night, I was soaking wet. Next morning he send me a message “With do you want to come over for a second chance” … Yes!     So we set it up and I will meet him the next day. I shaved my pussy real clean and bald and I got on my bike. So when i came to his place he teased me for an hour. He waa talking about anything and everything but not making a move or taking  my moves. I was going crazy with horniness. Finally I climbed on  him and started kissing him and grinding into him.  He became  the dominant person now and he stripped me down without losing his clothes. And with one hand he was fingering me and I sucked  two fingers on his free hand to let him see how badly I wanted him. So I got this big orgasm on his hand, just his fingers made me orgasm. Then he took me to his bed and his body and especially his  dick was looking so good. I gave him a bj like before but now I could feel his  balls a few times  bounce against my chin.      He stopped me and pushed me on to the bed  and he licked my pussy like there was no tomorrow. He fingered me until he could get three fingers in my pussy. I was face down and the moment that I came again. He turned me around on my back and pushed his dick in. I was too tight for his big dick  and it hurted a little and he just  kept pushing.  I had some tears in my eyes and he asked if I wanted him to slow down or stop. No no no,  I begged him to push it all in!! I was never so relieved as when I felt his balls touching me. He went for some easy pumping while nibbling in my neck and ears. The pain got less and I actually came again with a little squirt. He fucked me a little harder and harder until  he came in my pussy.  I’m on the pill luckily,  I couldnt move for 10 minutes, I just laid there content. I felt so  happy and fulfilled. He took me into the shower after a while and  he fucked me once again against the wall . I screamed so hard as it took him 40 minutes to come and my pussy was like game over. He was a gentleman,he ordered me take out and we talked. Then I rode my back home. We are still talking so maybe I’ll have more stories for you. Thanks for letting me tell, see I can’t tell my friends. Do you ever lose this feeling of hollowness in your pussy? ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○ Remember for more stories go to I’ll post her name if she allows it.     Her name is

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